explore your creativity - learn to 'paint' with your camera!

This workshop is for photographers who already feel competent in using their camera in manual settings but would like to explore their inner creativity.

We will be using long exposures - including the use of the Lee 'Big Stopper' (10 stop neutral density filter). This is an essential tool in using some of the other techniques. We will also explore your cameras in camera multiple exposure settings. (Please do check that your camera has in camera multiple exposure functionality before booking this workshop to be sure that you get the best out of the day) . We will also be using intentional camera movement and in the round techniques both of which where used in this award winning image. This workshop will be held along the North Norfolk coast and will be inspired by the seasons colours.

What can you expect from coming along to this workshop?

On this workshop you will be encouraged to come out of the comfort zone of traditional landscape photography and explore your inner creativity. Helen will plan a series of various local locations in Norfolk where you will learn a variety of techniques such as intentional camera movement, soft focus techniques, long exposure multiple exposure and something in between! Learning new impressionist skills and techniques will enable you to create more painterly and/or abstract images, at any time of day. These workshops run from 10 am until 4 pm and will start in Cromer, Norfolk

Helen “paints” with her camera. Her skill at combining technology with creativity is outstanding. She captures the raw beauty of North Norfolk with drama or elegance depending on her subject matter. I have three of her prints, and have also purchased as gifts for family members. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her work as her portfolio changes and progresses, much like the North Norfolk coastline is changing as nature molds it year after year.
— Elena July 2018 Founder member of North Norfolk Creative