Broads National Park Drainage Mills

The Broads National Park is made up by a network of rivers and shallow lakes. During the 17th Century local landowners began draining the surrounding marshes by building drainage mills and a good selection of these mills survive today, each mill very different from the next. Unlike traditional windmills that were built in villages to grind flower, the drainage mills of the Norfolk Broads windpumps are often smaller and are found on their own in remote areas of the marshland. This is Boardmans MIll, an open-framed timber trestle drainage mill with a miniature cap, sails and fantail. It is the only trestle mill which still has a turbine pump.

Boardsman Mill is also known as a skeleton mill. This mill would have been a less expensive alternative to a brick built windmill. As a result of being timber built, very few have survived the ravages of the weather and of time. Boardman’s Mill is one of only three Trestle mills left in the Broads National Broads.

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