Hickling Broads National Park on New Years Day 2019

Well it had to be done! First break in the clouds since Christmas day, and I was up ready to catch a glimmer at sunrise and before the weather changed again. I love the open skies and peaceful start to the day. This is a cheeky one from a great set of images I took at Hickling today.

I have seen an increase in reed beds over the last couple of years. The reed beds are so important as they acts as a natural filter for the water, removing the excess nutrients that are currently harming the wildlife, helping a more normal balance return to the water and improving the habitats. Hickling is a brilliant environment for birds, but also boasts rare wild horses. Look out for more images over the next few days or so. #nationalparksexperiences #discoverengland #visitnorfolk #broadsnationalpark #visitnorthnorfolk @npexperience