What can you expect from joining Helen Storer's Get Off Auto Photography Workshops?

Have you ever taken a photo with Auto on your camera, only then to find when you have reviewed it you can see little or no colour in the sky? But it was a shade of “Blue” right ?

That’s because on Auto Settings your camera is taking an overall exposure of the whole scene and giving you what it tsees - 18% grey! Confused? Don’t worry there is no physics exam on the workshops- just try something and review it? What could I do differently next time?

Come along on any of Helen’s workshops and learn how to use other settings on your camera and take great images. Learning is experiential and in small groups,. Learn more about what each of the settings on your camera, and the creative impact they can have on your images.

The Get Off Auto and Get Creative photography workshops start in Cromer, Norfolk on 9th March 2019. You will get an opportunity to learn first hand how to manually exposure for great landscape images (with colour in the sky) as well as learn more about the fundamentals of photography such as composition and light.. The workshops start early in the afternoon and finish with a signature dish ( aka sunset image).

As LEE Filters New Ambassador, Helen will also have a small selection of filters for participants to learn how to use to great effect on the day but in the meantime here are examples of what LEE Filters can do for you?